Friday, 1 May 2009

And so it begins.

Time to announce my starting of this blog - a place I intend to put all of my musical thoughts, focusing especially upon album reviews. I hope to convince a certain recluse (VoaD) to join me in my quest of regular (or just frequently sporadic) album reviews. I'm sure we can both find filler content in between reviews to entertain too..

Not the best time to start a blog - 11 days till my exams start and here I am getting up in 6 hours. Ah well, it's the weekend, why not. It's not like I didn't get sub-5 hours of sleep per night for the past week. Ahem.

EDIT: I will of course be editing this shoddy excuse of a theme, hand-crafting it lovingly with my own hands into a pillar of elegance that will shine out into the ever growing myriad of crappy website designs :)

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