Sunday, 3 May 2009

Brief reviewing info.

I hope to develop some sort of rough framework or structure to write my reviews in, but I don't want to keep things too formal, after all, prog is all about being non-formulaeic right? ;)

Any notes I make about albums live are included for the benefit of the reader only, i'm not increasing the ratings of the songs on the basis of any live boon!

I'll put this on a static page somewhere, but my guideline goes as following: 1- unlistenable, 2 - terrible, 3 - very bad, 4 - bad, 5 - okay, 6 - good, 7 - very good, 8 - excellent, 9 - amazing, 10 - bordering on perfect/epic. Because me and Matt will review in different styles, I'll have a page outlining both of how we approach things. I hope this helps, and sorry for posting it after the In Absentia review (which is now online! Despite me accidently uploading the draft first)

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